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Product Description

You can place the Contura 580 pedestal stove in the centre of a room. That’s ideal when you want to add an extra dimension to your furnishing style. Or keep bonechilling weather at bay.

Imagine a dull autumn day. Outside, it’s cold. Dank and damp. Wet leaves lie plastered to the ground. The wind moans. Darkness settles early. It’s hardly the season for spreading warm and sunny smiles.

Our Contura 580 pedestal stove, on the other hand,
spreads light, heat and cosiness wherever it is installed. As a welcoming oasis in the centre of a room. Or a discreet source of heat against a wall. And it banishes bad weather blues all year round.

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We are delighted with the stove. You seem to have made a very neat job of the installation and it's working beautifully. Thank you so much for all your hard work yesterday.
E Pollard