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Product Description

Soapstone top (5 cm) - open or closed

109 kg (Steel)
119 kg (with soapstone top)

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  • 4,9 KW (3,5-6 KW) 30-120 m²
  • Combustion Chamber (H×W×D): 33/46 x 27/29 x 28 cm.
  • Distance to flammable products: From behind = 10 cm, From the side = 25 cm.
  • Distance to non flammable products: 5-10 cm (recommended)
  • Flue gas data: 4,8 g/sek., 304° C at 20°, 12 Pa.
  • Smoke exit Ø 15 cm (height for installation top: 96 cm)
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