Pizza Oven Hire - FAQs

How much does it cost?

DeliVita Pizza Oven – Friday pm to Monday am £180.00 (inc VAT)

How many pizzas can I make at a time?

1-2 (depending on size!!)

How do I light it?

DON’T use paraffin firelighters or flammable liquids – use the Natural wax and wood shaving lighters and the kindling that we supply.

How long will a bag of wood last?

4 hours

How long does it take the pizza oven to warm up?

0 to 30 minutes

How do I know when it is at the right temperature?

The ovens have a temperature gauge built in. The oven needs to be 300C - 380C

Can I add more wood if the temperature goes down?

Yes, add wood to keep the temperature even.

How long does a Pizza take to cook?

It should take approx 90 seconds to cook a pizza

Can I cook other things in the Pizza oven?

Almost anything can be cooked in the Pizza oven

What do I do with the ashes?

You can put the ashes on your garden.

Where should I put it?

OUTDOORS ONLY. Keep well away from flammables (Eg: Awnings/Gazebos/Tents)

Do I need special flour?

“00” flour is recommended (available in supermarkets) or use Plain flour

How do I make the dough?

You can hire a Mixer for £20 per weekend.