Ciao M pizza oven from Alfa Pizza
Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Ciao M (Medium) Wood Fired Pizza Oven

From £1,200.00

Italian producer of pizza ovens

Ciao M

Wood-fired oven with refractory floor, light and easy to handle. You can move it anywhere thanks to its big wheels.

These ovens are made from stainless steel for domestic use.

Light and easy to handle, with large castors designed to conveniently move the oven anywhere.

The oven has a refractory cooking surface with stainless steel dome, it quickly reaches operating temperature, and the progress of baking can be checked at a glance.

Available in grey and yellow: with or without base.

This refractory wood-fired oven is the ideal solution for pizza, bread, roasts, mixed grills, dishes cooked in earthenware vessels, cakes, whatever you wish to bake in a conventional oven ensuring the healthy genuine features only a wood fire can offer.

The innovative design of the Ciao features stainless steel parts and parts treated with powder coating, resistant to high temperatures.

The roof of the oven is entirely made of stainless steel, which allows it to reach high temperatures in a few minutes with the use of little amounts of wood.

The cooking floor is made of interchangeable hollow refractory tiles with a thickness of 3cm, which store heat and transmits it to the food being cooked.

The ceramic fibre insulation isolates the oven and makes it possible to keep the heat inside the cooking chamber

All the Alfa ovens have a pyrometer, which indicates the temperature in the combustion chamber, allowing in a simple and direct control.

The door is equipped with a comfortable wooden handle to grip, which permits you to adjust the draft easily by controlling the fire inside the oven. 

The Ciao arrives ready to use – just put in the flue and assemble the lags and wheels with a few screws – easy!!


  • Total Width - 118cm 
  • Total Length - 85cm 
  • Total Height - 181cm 
  • Weight - 90kg
  • Material - stainless steel, iron sheet and ceramic fibre.

Number of pizzas at a time: 2


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