Clearview Grates
Clearview Grates vision 500
Clearview Grates for 650 and 750
Clearview Grates

Clearview Grates

From £39.60

Clearview Grate is a high-quality cast/steel fire grate that sits in the centre of the firebox and is connected to an external riddling arm for easy riddling of the grate

The riddling grate is easy to fit and allows riddling of the excess soot and ash to fall into the ash pan below

Types with the measurement and weight :

  • Pioneer Outer Grate for 400p, sol 400, Oven : 6kg
  • Pioneer Circular Grate for 400p, Sol 400, Oven : 3kg
  • Vision Outer Grate for Sol 500, Inset : 6kg
  • Vision Circular Grate for Sol 500, Inset : 3kg
  • Vision Old Style : 8kg
  • 650/750 Grate : 8kg

Note: You can enquire as per your reuirement

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