Solo Stove - Ranger
Solo Stove - Ranger
Solo Stove - Ranger
Solo Stove - Ranger
Solo Stove - Ranger

Solo Stove - Ranger

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Solo Stove

The world’s favourite smokeless fire pit.

The most compact fire pit in the Solo Stove Collection. The Ranger is perfect for smaller spaces, towns, and those who live on the go!

It’s for camping out a night in the mountains under the stars. It’s for warming up on a beach after hitting the waves. And yet, it’s right at home in your own backyard surrounded by your family and friends. Wherever you want to be, Ranger helps you turn good moments into lasting memories. Ranger is the most compact, ultralight fire pit out there that lets you enjoy a roaring, smokeless fire in minutes.

Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™ creates a super efficient secondary burn. That means there’s way less smoke compared to other fire pits. The best part? Nearly everything burns to a fine ash, making Ranger easy to clean.


Product Specs:

Material:   304 Stainless Steel

Fuel:   Logs up to 12" long

Weight:   15lbs / 6.80kg



Rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber.



12.5 Inches Tall, 15 Inches Wide + ranger stand


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