Alfresco Chef

We know you love to socialise at home and embrace the joys of fine food.  It’s an increasingly popular lifestyle choice as more and more people want the fun of entertaining family and friends in the great outdoors or in the comfort of their own home.

So The Alfresco Chef has a simple goal: to let you loose with all the latest home cooking ideas, equipment and accessories.  You can have great fun getting creative with innovative pizzas and other dishes, exploring new flavours and enjoying wonderful food and dining experiences together.

We share your appetite for wood, fire, food and fun, so why not transform your pizza night with delicious home-made creations?  Our wood fired ovens, accessories and recipes have been designed for pizza and cooking enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.  With something for everyone, we’ll provide you with the equipment, skills and experience to achieve the fullest flavours for you and your loved ones.

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