Clementi Family 60 x 80 Wood Fires Pizza Oven

Clementi Family 60 x 80 Wood Fires Pizza Oven

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Clementi FAMILY 60 x 80 Wood Fired Pizza Oven  -  ANTHRACITE

The Clementi FAMILY Pizza Oven is a fantastic way to entertain family and friends. Built from the highest grade materials, Clementi strive to improve on its products where they can, having introduced Scamotek insulation board under the refractory tiles, this greatly improves the performance of the FAMILY. Coupled with the thick layers of wool-rock insulation surrounding the top of the oven, heat is retained for much longer than its competitors for long cooking times. Perfect for roasting a joint of meat! The FAMILY is also easy to install. Simply place the oven on a suitable platform, attach the flue and light up some wood and get cooking!

Another Clementi innovation to the FAMILY is the unique direct air system that allows the flames to better follow the curve of the roof giving you additional wood economy and great heat efficiency across the whole oven, cooking your pizzas or other foods more evenly. The log holder, sitting to the left where the direct air feed is, can be easily moved with the included rod, making after cooking clean up much easier. The built in thermometer gives you accurate indication, so you know when the oven is up to temperature and ready to cook! Available in 3 colours you can mix and match options to best suit your style. The optional glass door gives you the sublime view of your pizza, breads and cakes as they cook to perfection.


    • Fuel type:   Dry Kilned Seasoned Wood
    • Construction: Powder Coated Steel, some stainless steel section
    • Dimensions inc. flue pipe (HxWxD):  1095 x 1000 x 870mm 
    • Cooking Area:   80 x 60cm
    • No. of Pizza:   3 to 4 pizza's
    • Weight:   112kg's
    • Oven door:   Stainless Steel
    • Flue Exit:  Top, 5" dia
    • Maximum cooking temperature:   450-500°c
    • Insulation Type:   Rock wool full surround, Refactory cooking tiles and scamotek™  insulating fibreboards under cooking tiles
    • Available in 4 colours: Grey, Red, Copper and Stainless Steel.




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